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New Year, New Hope: 2009.

Fellow pupils, the school will reopen in less than two weeks now (in 12 days time to be exact). What are you going to do next year?


My post title today suggested 'New Year, New Hope' for all readers. It's almost time to head back to school and the new year means a fresh start. So for this new year, start off your right foot by taking concrete steps towards two fine resoultions;

1. Getting Organized and,
2. Achieve more academically.

Ok, the first 3 GOLDEN-Rules are of course to be prepared, be positive and be there. The first day of school is the beginning of your own academic career!

Remember - Don't wait until half of the year to pass you by, use as soon as the first week of school to get yourself prepared for the whole year ahead. Here's some tips to Improve your Education/ or Study Prospects;


-Put away last year's material; Organize your old notes, handouts and books and store them neatly. This way, they're out of your way but are available for future reference.

- Clean your bedroom; A clean and organized environment will allow you to study/ or revise comfortably!

- Set up your workspace; Now that desk is clean, start USING the space. Studying on the bed is highly not recommended :p

-Buy the course book/ reference book you may need; Don't wait until the last minutes to do this.

- Set your goals for the year; Never drift aimlessly. Set realistic goals now and print it out, stick or hang it somewhere you will see very often.


- Make notes/ summary; Summarize what you study today and keep it in your personal file. You don't need to submit it to your teacher. It is a good exercise for your brain and you will remember more.

- Read before the class begin; Start reading the next chapter of what you're going to study before the teacher comes in. This stimulate your mind more, you will understand fast too.

-Plan your routine; Planning a rountine can help to ensure that you spend your time wisely- sufficient time for schoolwork as well as other activites. Making a habit of studying at the same time each day will enhance your productivity.

-Bookmark helpful website in separate folder for each class; Internet is the fastest and easiest way to search for articles nowadays. Take good use of this gadget!

Happy Organizing. There's more ways to excel, it's up to you to discover more. Have a nice day.

Back To School

The school will reopen on Monday, 5th January 2009. HAPPY ADVANCE NEW YEAR then :) the new education system; that is the SPN 21 will be implemented starting next year. I will be teaching all of the SPN 21 subjects for Year 4 pupils. So new pupils, get ready and lets take this complete new change as a challenge! Lets do our best, study hard - listen intently and write things down... because if we don't do this, we won't grow. Remember the simple rule "No pain, No gain!"

For my coming Year 4 pupils, please pay attention to the BASIC listed items you might need for 2009 back-to-school;

Highlight: THINGS TO BUY!

1. Complete Stationeries - pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, sharpener, geometry, scissors, glue.
2. Books - Biology-sized and ordinary-sized (single lines)
3. *You might need to have a small minibook/ small diary to jot down anything important.
4. Files/ Folders
5. *Dictionary : Dictionaries are very useful to comprehend more. Let dictionaries be your bestfriend!
6. *Post-it stamps. This will help you a lot; as reminders!
7. *High-Lighter pens are also advantegous education tools. This comes in many colours, pick your favourite and start using it.

Note : * are not necessarily a-must to buy.

Okay before I go, once again; don't forget Monday, 5th January 2008! Come back to school with A) a Happy Face, B) Fresh and Zest Minds and C) Postive Attitudes!!!


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